Welcome to the final third of 2021!


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September 4, 2021
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The housing market continues to remain remarkably resilient and incredibly competitive. By year’s end, the 2021 median price of an existing single-family home is forecast to be up 20.7% from the 2020 median.
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I hope you've had a terrific summer. It has come and gone so quickly. We can now look forward to the wonderful fall festivities that are to come!
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Welcome to the final third of 2021!
Did You Know? 
In 2001 23 homes sold in Emerald Bay ranging from $1.2M - $9.9M.
In 2021 24 homes have sold in Emerald Bay ranging from $3.9M - $13.1M
Did You Know? NOISE-CANCELING technology has long been confined to over-the-ear headphones—a bulky way to mute jackhammers and sirens while enjoying your playlist or trying to work. But the makers of wireless earbuds have now found a way to squeeze the same muffling tech into a smaller, lighter package.
Did You Know? LUMBER UPDATE (it matters, as most homes in the US are built with lumber!): Prices are now about $482/1,000 board feet....almost HALF of what they were this time last year at $915 (20% tariffs on Canadian lumber did not help).....down about 71% from their artificially inflated high of $1,684 in May 2021.
Did You Know? Will home builders pass the savings of lower lumber costs onto the consumer or their shareholders? Toll Brothers said the homes sold today when they need lumber in 2022 will be down as much as $40,000 in lumber which will have a nice benefit in the second half of 2022......many builders buy/commit to lumber many months in advance.
Did You Know? We’re still dealing with the whiplash of uncertainty and the emotions it provokes: frustration, anxiety, anger, and fear. To help us through, psychologists recommend an approach that they call Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), whereby we practice acceptance and we don’t suppress our difficult emotions or bury them in a front of forced positivity. We don’t attempt to control the situation by trying to fix the unfixable. And we don’t fall down a rabbit hole of despair. Instead, we deal clearheadedly with our situation, and we remember that even in life’s toughest moments there is often some good, even if it’s simply a lesson to be learned. (WSJ)
Did You Know? Apple is considering making an Apple TV streaming device that would have a built-in speaker and a camera for video conferencing. It's trying to jazz up its home offerings given its more limited traction in the category relative to Amazon which offer cheaper home speakers and streaming sticks. Apple is also contemplating a product that would combine a HomePod speaker with an iPad and also have a camera for video calls, according to the Bloomberg report. The touch-screen device may have a robotic arm that can move to follow a user around a room. (Bloomberg)
Check it Out… I was geeking out on the US census…. Click here and have fun…... 
Around Town
Matthew Rolston, Art People:
The Pageant Portraits
Most of us have been to the Pageant of the Masters which is really amazing and now Laguna Art Museum has Mathew Rolston’s photographs portraits of the models of the pageant. It is really cool…. Check out the exhibit before September 19th… 
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