We have no home sales inventory, but we have some leases available.


November 15, 2021
Good morning,
I want to share some insight with you from one of my favorite economist. His name is Logan Mohtashami. He has been spot on with his projection. You too can follow him on Twitter at @LoganMohtashami (Or here
Let the Holiday Season begin! Holiday lights are already going up, there is a chill in the air, and it's dark by 5:00. We have 46 days until 2022. There is A LOT to be grateful for🙏.
Information + Updates
Did You Know? “We’re probably in a super cycle of super cycles in real estate. People have never experienced the production of this much currency and that money has to go some place. Housing has not even partially kept up with how much money has been printed. Inflation, which is a growing concern in the economy generally, could get worse.” - Grant Cardone, Investor
Did You Know? Compass closed $69.1 BILLION in sales volume this year - WOW!
Compass' national market share soared by 31.7% from 4.1% up to 5.4% in just one year…WOW!
Did You Know? This year is likely to end as the best year on record for the shipping industry. Global trade volumes jumped by 8% -10% in 2021 as the global economy started recovering from months of lockdowns and other trade restrictions.....rates have more than doubled between January and August, amid signs of a shortage of container transport capacity. It cost less than $2,000 to transport a 40-foot container in December 2019. The price had jumped to $4,000 a year later.......and now hovers around $10,000, boosted by congestion and lack of global capacity. The world’s leading container shipping companies benefit from the bottlenecks that have sent rates rocketing. A.P. Moller-Maersk TRIPLED its 3rd-quarter operating profit, to nearly $7 billion, from a year ago. TRIPLE? Hmmmmm......more price-gouging? (Barrons)
Did You Know? The most expensive zipcode to live in the US remains Atherton, California located halfway between San Francisco and San Jose with a median sale price reaching nearly $7.5 million — a record high. The next-closest ZIP code trailed Atherton by nearly $2 million....Boston’s 02199 at $5.5 million. Sagaponack in the Hamptons' was #3 at $5m. The Hamptons had six of New York's most expensive zipcodes! The Top 10 most expensive zip codes in 2021 all surpassed the $4 million mark...a sign of LUXflation? California has 70% of the Top 100 most expensive zipcodes in the USA! Emerald Bay looks like a bargain😜 (Property Shark)
Did You Know? Over the next 2 weeks approximately $1.6 billion worth of art will be auctioned off by the major art houses whose online-only art sales topped $1 billion in 2020, up from $168 million in 2019.There is inflation and then there is LUXEflation: Not unlike other supply-demand markets that are out of balance many expect 20-40% price escalations! Some expect some works to sell for 15x their asking price! (WSJ)
Did You Know? Fun fact…..No number between 1 and 999 contains the letter A in its English spelling….
Did You Know? Zillow announced last week that it will lay off 25% of its workers and get out of the home buying business. Zillow lost $420M in the last 3 months, which is more money than the profit they made in the prior 12 months! They are now sitting on more than 7,000 homes that they are trying to sell… (
Did You Know? Half of Americans admit they’ve used a slang term without knowing what it meant. 83% of us have had to google a word . . . and 68% have had to ask a young person. Look no further for the most popular slang words in 2021
  1. Ghosted - cut off communication
  2. Salty - Bitter, angry or upset
  3. On Point - perfect (Megan Short uses this all the time)
  4. Woke - Alert to societal injustice
  5. GOAT - Greatest of all times (who would have thunk?)
  6. Extra - Over the top, unnecessary
  7. Catfish - Assuming a false identity (Lauren watched some series where I learned this term)
  8. Savage - not caring about consequences (I know a few youngsters like this)
  9. Thirsty - Needing approval and attention
Around Town
New Pop Up in Laguna Beach!
353 N. Coast Highway in Laguna Beach
Have you checked out WILLBO yet? Locals staying Local…..
The thrill of a bike trek up a river canyon. 
The smell of spring grass at the ballpark. 
The camaraderie around a campsite. 
The friendly competition of a backyard game. 
The anticipation of summer’s first swell.
These are the special moments that help create a lifewell-lived, as advocated by the new SoCal lifestyle brand WILLBO… Check out their new pop up store in Laguna!
We have no home sales inventory but we have some leases available:
See below for all the leases currently available and I have another 7-10 month lease coming up…. Call for details.
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Non Emerald Bay Sales
We don’t ONLY work in Emerald Bay…..
Here are the homes we have sold outside of Emerald Bay in 2021:
2401 Alta Vista, Newport Beach
700 Thalia, Laguna Beach
1631 Louise St, Laguna Beach
190 Avenida Aragon, San Clemente 
Referrals…. I love to find the right agents to represent the right clients.
28751 North Shore, Lake Arrowhead
2 Cavaleri, Newport Coast
1275 Virgina Way, La Jolla
The Emerald Bay Market
There are currently no active homes for sale in Emerald Bay.

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