We Are in This Together

March 21, 2020
Good Morning,
We are in this together. While we are in full social distancing, we do go to the store. If you are uncomfortable with going to the store, or in self-quarantine, please let me know…. we can help you get what you need!!!! If you need help please email me at  [email protected].
DID YOU KNOW?  Don't you hate it when someone tells you "I told you so!" πŸ™„ Watch this 2015 Bill Gates TedTalks about the dangers of a virus. Click here to watch.
DID YOU KNOW?  Sally’s Fund and the Laguna Beach Food Pantry are collaborating to get food to our SENIORS. Sally’s Fund is also working with CVS and Gelson's with donations of paper products (yes, toilet paper) and other food items. We are blessed to have Sally’s Fund and Laguna Food Pantry in our town!
DID YOU KNOW?  87% of the total recorded cases in China have fully recovered around 79 days after it recorded its first cases in Wuhan. For the first time since the coronavirus outbreak started, China has reported no new domestic transmissions, a major milestone in the country’s fight against the pandemic. All new cases were from people returning to China. (Guardian) * Quoted figures from China have been provided without verification. Major reporting entities from the USA have been removed from China.
"We are facing World War 3 for 90 days. Get the money to those who need it most. People will be back at work the minute we can hire them again. It's going to be short and it's going to pass. The banks are not in any tremendous stress. A payroll tax cut is so stupid. Maybe they need to turn off the market for 2 weeks!" –Barry Sternlicht, Starwood Capital
DID YOU KNOW?  Those aiming to get a new mortgage — either to refinance their existing home loan or to purchase a mortgage — shouldn’t worry too much about interest rates staying this elevated, as they jumped recently due to long-term bond yields rising. Economists have said lenders will likely bring rates back down to an extent once they’ve worked through their backlog of applications. (Marketwatch)
DID YOU KNOW?  As if we needed any more terrifying Coronavirus news these days: it was announced that The Hallmark Channel will now play Christmas movies 24/7! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Take a tour of the  Louvre , see a collection at the  Guggenheim , explore the  Museum of Natural History , and take in an exhibit at the  Uffizi Gallery without leaving home. Start with this  shortlist of virtual museum tours  and then get lost in this  vast collection curated by Google Arts & Culture.
Learn a New Language
Whether you’ve been meaning to pick up Spanish, perfect your French, or try your hand at Arabic, you finally have the time to do it. Download  Duolingo or  Rosetta Stone to choose from dozens of languages and start with the basics or build on the skills you already have.
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