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October 19, 2020
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Our macroeconomic data is encouraging as businesses report stronger results and increased optimism. The labor markets continue to heal as well, albeit at a slower pace. The California Association of Realtors recently released its outlook for 2021, which calls for ongoing improvements in the absence of a resurgence of the pandemic. Buyers remain enthusiastic and low rates, which are expected to persist over the near term, are at the root of that trend. Inventory is expected to remain a challenge that will keep sales growth in the single digits next year.
Things are moving in the right direction epidemiologically, economically, and in the housing market.
Information + Updates
Our very own Emerald Bay resident Sue White and her Garage Jazz Band….. I was just walking by her house and look what I found! I loved it!
There is one certainty about investing. Cash always loses value over time. It has done so for thousands of years. –Ron Barron, Investor
A million dollars invested at 2% per year will be worth over $1.8 million in 30 years. But $1 million subject to 2% annual inflation will have a value of around $400,000 after 30 years. 
Did You Know? Emerald Bay transactions in 2020 have equaled $60,277,000 with another $21,650,00 currently under contract. I personally will have represented just under $43,000,000.
Did You Know? Urban Land Institute and PwC said that office tenants are likely to reconfigure their interiors to have enough safe, socially distanced space to enable new types of collaborative, in-person work. Whether that results in them acquiring more square footage or just adapting what they already have is up for debate.
Did You Know? Are filters the Toilet Paper of the Winter of 2020? Evidence has been mounting for months that COVID-19 can spread by air, but effective and high-quality air filtration, as well as proper ventilation, can reduce the risk of spread. As the weather turns colder and people spend more time indoors, it's another layer of a multi-pronged defense against the virus. Have you changed the Air filters on your home?
Did You Know? Demand for luxury homes (the most expensive 5% of homes in a given market) is soaring, underscoring how the pandemic has intensified wealth disparities in the U.S. High-end sales jumped 42% in the third quarter from a year earlier, the largest jump dating back to 2013. Sales of mid-priced homes climbed just 3%, while affordable purchases declined 4%. This is NOT for all areas of the USA. It averages, that is not always that great. (Bloomberg)
Did You Know? A recent study concluded a decline in sales in low-lying coastal areas began in 2013, followed a few years later by a drop in prices compared with safer areas. On less vulnerable land, sales and prices continued to grow. (NY TIMES)
Did You Know? While this last week was AMAZON PRIME DAY, just remember that each time you click online for a purchase you may be taking away a sale from our local stores that creates the very fabric of our Village.....once that is gone, its very tough to get it back! I am all for convenience but know that you wield much more power over your environment than some might lead you to believe.
Did You Know? When the pandemic set in, the U.S. lost 22.2 million jobs in March and April, causing the economy to shrink 31.4% in the second quarter. Since the start of May, employers have added back more than 11 million jobs, with business and hiring booming in some sectors including home-mortgage firms, financial-service companies, and tech outfits that are advertising thousands of jobs. (WSJ)
Did You Know? Disney Got smart and then Lucky….. It was only last November that the Walt Disney Company introduced its own streaming service, Disney+. At the time, pulling its intellectual property from other services and building an exclusive destination for all things Disney seemed like a plausible gamble — but by no means a certain one. After all, this was a plunge into a full-on streaming war with Netflix, Apple, and HBO. What timing!!!!!! (Marker)
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Let's Eat
My favorite Mexican restaurant in Laguna is Carmelitas. As you know with some of my posts, I am ALL about sauces. At Carmelita's, their recipes have been harvested through the culinary roots of Puebla + Guadalajara. Their Chef, Javier Perez, meets with local growers & vendors in the Laguna Beach Farmers Market to recover fresh & organic ingredients.
Proposition 19
Politics….UGH... I don’t ever get involved in politics, however, there is one proposition that we are voting on that I feel like we need to understand.
Proposition 19
While the California Association of Realtors is promoting Proposition 19, I do not think it is in the best interest of our Coastal communities to Vote yes on proposition 19. While parts of the proposition seem attractive like the ability to move your tax basis 3 times instead of 1 time. The restriction and increased tax basis on inherited properties are going to create tremendous hardship for the recipients of these properties.
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