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The Housing Market Remains Extremely Competitive


March 19, 2022
Good morning,
This week marks the second anniversary of the start of the pandemic. A shelter at home mandate, that Americans expected to last 2-4 weeks, quickly evolved into a new normal. Fast-forward 104 weeks later, the U.S. economy continues down the road to full recovery, although it is doing so amidst growing headwinds. 
The housing market remains extremely competitive despite rising mortgage rates. Demand remains relatively strong, and there is some evidence that inventory is gradually starting to show signs of improvement.
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Did You Know? There is a portal where you can can speak with whomever you want to, dead or alive. My girlfriend Liana was skiing in the trees in Aspen Colorado. As she swished by a tree, she saw a phone attached to it. In dismay, she yelled at her family to stop and check it out…. The Phone of the Wind originated in Japan in 2011 in response to the Tsunami….. now we have portals all over the world.
Photos compliment of Liana Croak
Did You Know? You can make clean water from plastic banners…. Wait, What???? Dubai has one of the most sophisticated desalination facilities in the world and now the technology is blowing minds…..
Groundbreaking Desalination Tech to Be Unveiled at Dubai World Expo’s Upcoming ‘Water Week’
Two Birds, One Stone: In hopes of solving both these problems, three Eastern European companies have developed a novel water desalination technology that relies heavily on recycled materials – especially banners. According to those involved in the project, this groundbreaking zero-emissions technology will help bring water to the places that need it most. Read more....
Did You Know? California has its fare share of troubles, but it is still a spectacularly beautiful place which is why I live here:
  • While home to 12% of the U.S. population, it attracted 47% of the most sought-after investment dollars - $156 billion - deployed nationwide in 2021, according to National Venture Capital Association data, a 79% increase over its 2020 haul..... a 29% increase over 2019. 
  • While California is 12% of the US population, its residents own 17% of American wealth despite its high taxes
  • Life expectancy in California is 80.8 years.
  • In 2019, California’s economic output per person was $79,000, about 22% above the national average of $65,000, (adjusted the data to 2019 dollars.)
  • California’s Covid mortality rate was 36% below the national average.
The Spirit of the Ukraine People….. a client of mine is closely connected to to this effort. Wow Dr. Bill Novick and team are super heroes….. Deep gratitude to all those that support this team of heroic Dr's.
Did You Know? You can block spam calls on your cell phone! Yip, most cell phone carriers offer a service that automatically blocks spam calls. AT&T’s service is called Call protect and Verizon’s is called Call filter spam Block.
In the News
A record high number of real estate agents are trying to sell a record low number of homes: 'It's like that Hungry Hungry Hippo game ... except there's only one ball’ (my friend Logan Mohtashami)
  • Since March 2020, nationally, the number of homes available to sell fell by 600,000 to just 376,000.
  • In the same period, the number of new real estate agents grew by 156,000 to over 1.5 million.
  • Demand for houses is so hot that a third of new listings go under contract in less than a week.
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I loved representing this seller and creating a win win scenario for both parties involved. #collaborationrocks
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Maura Short sold more homes in Emerald Bay than any other agent in 2021 and 2022. Maura has leased more homes than any other agent during this time frame and Maura represents all but one of the leases currently on the market in Emerald Bay.
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There is currently 1 home listed for sale in Emerald Bay.
We are getting closer to having some new inventory
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Maura Short is known for her strong work ethic, broad industry know-how, and passion for architecture, in addition to her extensive network, confidentiality, and moral code. Combined with her wide-ranging local expertise, all of these assets result in favorable outcomes for both buyers and sellers under her care.
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