Thank You to Our Local Heroes


February 20, 2022
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Local Heroes
 A HUGE shout out to just a few of the firefighters that saved our homes…. WOW, what a week. Words cannot express the admiration and gratitude to these heroes. I would also like to thank our OC Sheriff Steve Maher, our dear friend, who went door to door helping people (especially those who needed help) to evacuate. Thank you Saxon Copps for this amazing photo.
Check out the interesting report from Mike Garcia, the Laguna Beach Fire Chief providing us with what went right and what went wrong at the the LB City Council meeting. (Thank you Katie Loss) 
Information + Updates
Photo taken Feb 18, 2022 (no filter)
Did You Know? In 2021, rental rates for single-family units climbed three times the rental rate as in 2020, according to new data released by CoreLogic. An analysis by the business intelligence firm found that annual rent price gains jumped 7.8% in 2021 amid a supercharged market, compared to just 2.8% in 2020 when the pandemic turned the market on its head. (CNBC)
Did You Know? COMPASS' Ultra-Luxury Report is available for consumers to read on The Luxury Division website, This website receives over 30,000 visits every month..... 
COMPASS results Nationwide…. WOW
  • COMPASS agents sold over a quarter TRILLION dollars in transaction volume in 2021!
  • COMPASS agents did 617 deals PER DAY in 2021, 365 days of the year!
This is truly historic, unprecedented and phenomenal for a company that has been COMPASS as a brand for just about 7 years and as you likely know, I am a founding agent bringing this company to Orange County just 5 years ago.
Did You Know? Dick Van Dyke is 96 years old? Check him out still singing and dancing his way through life… WOW! Click here.
Did You Know? Walt Disney said it plans to start developing residential communities, starting with one in Rancho Mirage, in California’s Coachella Valley. The new residential-development business will be called Storyliving by Disney. Disney’s research-and-development team, known as Imagineers, will help design the communities. Imagine living on MICKEY MOUSE LANE! 😂🤔 (WSJ).
Did You Know? America’s average 5G mobile internet speed is roughly 75 megabits per second. In China’s urban centers 5G phones get average speeds of 300 megabits per second, about 4x faster. South Korea claims 400 Mbps, capable of downloading a high-definition movie in 2 minutes. American 5G upload speeds are slower than those of many developed countries, including Israel, Singapore and Canada. In Boston, Chicago and New York City, AT&T’s 5G speeds are at least 10% slower than its 4G; in Washington, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, Verizon’s 5G speeds are at least 20% slower than the company’s 4G. (WSJ)
Did You Know? On Feb 15, 1903, the first teddy bears went on sale in the U.S. 119 years ago, named after the nation’s President at the time, Theodore Roosevelt. During Roosevelt’s first term, a Russian immigrant named Morris Michtom put a pair of handmade animals in the window of his Brooklyn candy and toy shop, proclaiming them “Teddy’s bears.” The plush duo was apparently fashioned by Rose Michtom, Morris’ wife, using velvet and shoe-button eyes. Morris Mitchtom is said to have sent a third bear to the White House, successfully convincing the President to let the shop owners borrow his nickname for their merchandise. 
Nature's Beauty
Yosemite's Breathtaking "Firefall"
is Back – but not for Long
 The natural phenomenon occurs when the waning sunlight strikes Horsetail Fall on the famed rock face of El Capitan. The waterfall is backlighted by the setting sun, creating a streak of orange resembling a lava flow. Just before and after sunset, it’s glowing like it’s on fire.
Out & About
Peppertree Canyon
Did you know Orange County has its own winery where ALL their wine is produced solely in Orange County? This is one of the most romantic properties I have recently had the pleasure of visiting and the wine and olive oil is yummy too.
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