Real Reasons to be Optimistic


November 15, 2020
Good morning,
There are real reasons to be optimistic about California’s housing market during the remainder of 2020 and for 2021. Home sales continue to rise by double-digits relative to 2019 levels and our pending sales index suggests that California will maintain a 10% + pace through at least November. Weekly closed sales remained unseasonably strong through the end of October and our forecast calls for even more home sales in 2021—hitting the fastest pace of sales in 5 years.
Home prices continue to set new records as well due to robust demand amidst interest rates that have never been lower. There are many more buyers than homes available for sale.
With Thanksgiving almost here, the holiday hustle has begun.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Information + Updates
Did You Know? A Wimbledon tournament uses 54,250 balls, all stored at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature has been identified to produce the best bounce on concrete, which is 53 to 57 inches when dropped from 100 inches. Warmer temperatures make the ball’s interior gas molecules expand, which makes for a higher bounce. Conversely, these molecules shrink at lower temps, creating less bounce. Wimbledon has been held since 1877 at the All England Club in London, which famously has grass courts. Grass has one of the lowest bounces of any surface — the balls will bounce long and horizontally, requiring players to stay low as they play and prepare for faster returns.
Did You Know? US Malls are struggling everywhere to work their way through this complex time... Malls are financed with a dizzying array of bonds, loans, and equity, including debt obtained through the commercial mortgage-backed securities market. Many of the properties are at least partly owned by one or more of the department stores that anchor them. The varieties of debt that malls have taken on have only grown more complex over the last decade. (BLOOMBERG)
Did You Know? Lumber prices have skyrocketed 160% since April because there is not enough domestic production, adding about $16,000 to the cost of building a new house. (NAHB).
Did You Know? Either first thing in the morning, or before going to bed just writing down 5-10 things that you are grateful for can help change your perspective even in these CRAZY times…. Give it a go….
Where to Eat...The Summit House, Fullerton
We did it… We stepped out of our box and enjoyed an amazing meal at the Summit House in Fullerton…. Wow…. What a staple it is. Not only is the environment absolutely gorgeous and cozy but it was the food that caught our attention. As you know, Steve and I are both FOODIES. We enjoyed the fabulous crab cakes, John Dory, the Filet and finished off with yummy profiteroles….. it was delectable.
Helping Others
Helping our Seniors Receive a Hot Meal
During this Difficult Time
Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it is sad that most of us will be unable to be with extended family this year, because of COVID-19, and the risk of becoming ill.
While Sally's Fund has continued to provide safe transportation throughout this pandemic, we see many elderly who are alone, without family and who have been sheltering in place since March, 2020.
We continue to deliver groceries to at least 150 seniors each week, while also maintaining transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping and running errands. Sally's Fund has assured the senior community that we are committed to continue extra services as needed throughout this pandemic to help them adjust to the new "normal". With the discontinuation of local Trolley service, Sally's Fund is relied upon more than ever, as the seniors who no longer drive and live on the hillside, have no other means of transportation.
This Thanksgiving, Sally's Fund is partnering with Kitchen in the Canyon to deliver to-go boxes that will include the traditional Thanksgiving fare of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, vegetables, rolls and condiments. And of course, there will be pie for dessert. What a treat for those who are most vulnerable and afraid to leave their homes.
Please help us bring joy to the seniors in our community by making a donation to Sally's Fund at [email protected] via Paypal or please send a check to Sally's Fund, PO. Box 1626, Laguna Beach 92652. This year, more than ever, let's give thanks and support to the  seniors in our community, our extended family, and let them know that we care and have not forgotten about them.
Especially at this time, it is critical that Sally’s Fund continue to provide service for the most vulnerable in the Laguna Beach community. We never want any senior in Laguna Beach to feel isolated or alone, especially at this time.
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