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Pent-up Demand is Surging


July 11, 2020
Good Morning,
I hope your summer is going well and you are enjoying the
sun and beach as much as possible.
The housing market continues to recover with pent-up demand surging at the national level and mortgage applications rising as buyers capitalize on record low rates. As of June 30, 2020, showing activity was 56.2% above the same time of last year. On average, 801 homes closed on the MLS each day last week—up from 795 the previous week. In addition, closed sales have now been above the pre-COVID levels of early march for the past 4 weeks consecutively. This largely owes to the rebound in pending sales that began in mid-April.
Have a great weekend!
Information + Updates
Emerald Bay Did You Know?  No Inventory, No Inventory, No Inventory. WOW….We only have 7 homes currently on the market…. and 5 homes currently under contract… The demand is REAL.
Did You Know? The value of AMAZON stock has almost doubled in the past 3 months giving it a $1.44 TRILLION market cap..... just in case you were wondering where US retail went to during COVID-19....and APPLE stock value soared to making it a $1.55 trillion market cap company....expect more big tech money real estate buyers! 
What's saying "on to the next one…"
Uber. Yesterday, the ride-hailing and food delivery company agreed to buy Postmates in a $2.65 billion deal. This comes a month after Uber's potential deal with Grubhub fell through. Now, Uber Eats and Postmates will work together to better address the growing demand for delivery amid COVID-19.
Did you Know? Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes agree on a 10-year contract extension worth up to $503 million, per report(CBS Sports) Wait…..Whaaattt?????
Did You Know?  As commercial airlines decrease routes and the uncertainty of COVID-19 lingers, a set of wealthy clientele is abandoning commercial travel in favor of flying private. Experts say private jet travel has shifted from a luxury option to a necessity. (BI)
Did You Know?  The competition is good! With over 50 electric-based cars on the market today, TESLA stock continues to soar and the company has become more valuable than Toyota! Over-valued? Only time will tell…. Personally, I love the boldness of Elan Musk
Did You Know?  Juno Residential, a San Francisco-based company co-founded by Apple and Tesla veterans and backed by Khosla Ventures. The firm, which was founded quietly last year and launched officially yesterday, hopes to make the building of apartments more efficient by using mass-production techniques such as those employed in automotive and electronics manufacturing. Juno also hopes to make its buildings more environmentally friendly by using timber instead of steel and concrete, adorning facades with plants, and skipping natural-gas-based heating and appliances. (WSJ)
Did You Know?  Warren Buffet has given away around $37 billion to date to charity.
Let's Eat
Eating Outside the Zone
If I were stranded on a Desert Island and have to live off of one type of food, it would have to be Greek Food. Raised by a Greek father, my mom had to know how to make a mean moussaka, pastitsio and spanakopita. Last week I was hankering for Moussaka so Steve and I discovered the Greek Bistro in Laguna Hills. they have 5 stats on yelp with 600+ votes….. We had to go there. It was amazing that we went back……
In Escrow
Featured Listing
The Emerald Bay Market
There are currently 7 homes for sale in Emerald Bay ranging from $4,500,000 to $17,995,000. There are 5 properties in escrow.


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