My Analysis on Sales in Emerald Bay in the Last 7 Years.


August 20, 2022

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Earlier this month we celebrated the recovery of all jobs lost in 2020, and the unemployment rate dipped back to the lowest level since 1969. The latest jobs report showed that the labor market remains strong.


With interest rates expected to rise while home prices remaining elevated, the housing market in general will continue to face growing affordability challenges in the near term. However, the high end market is a different story, at least for now….Call me to discuss.


If you have any questions regarding our local real estate market, please reach out to me. I hope you enjoy my latest newsletter!


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Did you know? 5 desalination plants along the coast of Israel now provide nearly all the tap water for its 9.2 million people. One problem is that these plants tend to run on natural gas, which leads to higher water costs when gas prices rise….


Did you know? Germany used to apply a 19% sales tax on natural's now discussing lowering that to 7%. In most parts of the US consumers do not pay sales tax on natural gas.


Did you know? Instead of just lower inflation, these 10 important items experienced DEflation: eggs, butter, chicken, car rentals, hotdogs, milk, hotel rooms, gasoline, tomatoes and airfare prices dropped anywhere from 2.5 - 23.6% in price in the month of July12-August 12. (CNBC)


Did you know? Last month business class airfare to Spain was $5K-6K per ticket and today it is $3000. I’m glad I waited to book my ticket!


Did you know? Walmart and Home Depot results show the consumer is still spending, although shifting their habits, which results in excess inventory, markdowns ....and potential DEflation? US Walmart sales were up over 6%. Walmart inventories are up over 26% YOY which may imply an end to the supply chain crisis of 2020-2022? When prices rise too far, too fast, consumers simply stop buying.


Did you know? Inflation in the UK soared to 10.1% annually, above a consensus forecast of 9.8% and up from 9.4% in June. Rising food prices made the largest upward contribution to annual inflation rates between June and July. The Bank of England expects inflation to peak at 13.3% in October. A massive drought in Europe won't be helpful. Massive energy cost surges have been fueled by Russia's gas supply cuts and BREXIT that has caused costs for importers to increase, combined with a weaker well as reducing the availability of foreign workers in some lower-paid services industries, such as hospitality. UK house prices rose 7.8% in the year to June, a slowdown from the 12.8% annual rate recorded in May. (CNBC)



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I know I am late to the party on this one but we had a GREAT meal at Nobu. The miso seabass was off the hook. Highly recommend but maybe wait until the tourist go home…… See you there!

Real Estate News

Emerald Bay Updates


I recently ran an analysis on Sales in Emerald Bay in the last 7 years.

Check out the aggregated data (rounded up).


2015 – 17 Total Sales $102M Volume $6M Average

2016 – 14 Total Sales $85.7M Volume $6.12M Average

2017 – 11 Total Sales $112M Volume $10.1M Average

2018 – 17 Total Sales $131M Volume $7.7M Average

2019 – 11 Total Sales $118M Volume $10.7M Average

2020 – 21 Total Sales $124M Volume $5.9M Average

2021 – 27 Total Sales $202M Volume $7.5M Average

2022 – 11 Sales YTD $126M Volume $11.5M Average


I think it is interesting that in 2022 we have had 11 sales so far which is quite shocking considering there has been between 0-3 homes on the market at any given time.


There are 2 properties in escrow and 3 properties currently listed on the market.

For a market that is supposed to be slowing down, I’ve been very busy!!!! 1 Sale and 2 Escrows this week!

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The Emerald Bay Market

There are currently 3 active homes for sale in Emerald Bay

ranging in price from $6,950,0000 to $37,800,000.

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