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Lights. Camera. Action.

May 14, 202 0
Good Afternoon,
Ok, so this is getting old…...right? 
 My outlook on our current situation becomes more and more optimistic every day. It is good to see businesses slowly reopening.  
This afternoon, I'm sharing another video on my thoughts for the week, as well questions regarding the real estate industry. Thank you to Lauren Short’s videography direction!
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My job is about relationships––not transactions. I am here for you.
My job is to bring you home.
Did you know? “There was a significant, very steep fall-off in February. That began to recover some in March, and we’ve seen a further recovery in April. So, it leaves us room for optimism.” - Tim Cook, APPLE
Did you know?  An upside to the virus lockdown? Mass shootings in the USA were down 24% in April. 
Did you know?  To lockdown or not?  Sweden, with a population of 10m, has had 3,220 deaths so far from coronavirus — more than triple the number in neighboring Denmark, Finland, and Norway, which have a combined population of 15 million and did lockdown, and an almost 50% higher death rate than the USA. (FT)
Did you know? "We will see at the end of the year rising prices. Why? Because we have high demand.” - Real Estate in Vienna, Austria. Supply and Demand define markets, period! (WSJ) 
Did you know? What is the name of Elon Musk and Leanne Grimes's newborn child? "X Æ A-12 Musk.” On Tuesday night,  Grimes tweeted a breakdown of what each character means: X is the "unknown variable," Æ is her "elven spelling of Ai," and A-12 is a type of CIA aircraft known internally as Archangel. Are you as confused as I am...
Did you know?  More than 78% of workers who lost their jobs in April see their layoffs as “temporary,” a potentially good sign for the economy. Hopefully, many of these jobs will return over time, the sooner the better, although it appears certain some corporations will see long-term savings and automation replace some jobs permanently. (CNBC)
Lights. Camera. Action.
Getting ready to bring this gorgeous home onto the market…
Call me for details!
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The Emerald Bay Leasing Market is En Fuego!
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Maura Short is known for her strong work ethic, broad industry know-how, and passion for architecture, in addition to her extensive network, confidentiality, and moral code. Combined with her wide-ranging local expertise, all of these assets result in favorable outcomes for both buyers and sellers under her care.
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