Is it a Buyers Market? Emerald Bay is a Slightly Different Story….


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September 10, 2022

Good morning,

For-sale properties added to the market were again down from one year ago.


We’re experiencing a market stabilization, rates and inventory are still historically low. Bottom line, now's a great opportunity for buyers and sellers. 


If you're thinking of buying or selling, please contact me do discuss your options and the market. I hope you enjoy my latest newsletter! Keep cool and have a great weekend!


Information + Updates

Did you know? The World Trade Organization latest Goods Trade Barometer shows the volume of world merchandise trade has plateaued. Year-on-year growth for Q1 slowed to 3.2%, down from 5.7% in the final quarter of 2021. Shipping rates are falling too and the shipping crisis fueled by excess demand and COVID lockdowns appears to be largely over. Lower shipping costs combined with a super-strong dollar could bring down the cost of imports. (CNBC)


Did you know? The U.S. is the largest producer of natural gas in the world, and it happened almost by accident. Natural gas is a byproduct of oil production. When U.S. companies started using techniques to extract oil from shale formations, those activities also unlocked enormous supplies of natural gas. Producers have a limited capacity to export that gas to other countries as liquefied natural gas (LNG). Doing so is expensive and involves sophisticated equipment that transports freezes, and liquefies the gas. The U.S. exports only about 20% of its gas, but exports about as much oil as it imports, leaving the country much more exposed to the gyrations of the global oil market. The price of natural gas in Europe is about 10X more!


Did you know? Is Starbucks a coffee shop or a power company? Now Starbucks will be adding battery charging stations not just for people and their smart-phones, but also their cars. Remember how the gas station morphed into a grocery store/refueling station….?


Did you know? A 4-acre waterfront estate with two large properties totalling 25,000sf in Miami’s Coconut Grove area has sold for $106.875 million, setting a record for Miami-Dade County and becoming the first Miami home to cross the nine-figure price threshold. All the proceeds from this sale will be donated to charity. (WSJ)

Record Breaking

WOW, check out the national weather on Friday….. SUCH weird weather! I was grateful for the little rain we received!


Remembering Queen Elizabeth


Some of my favorite stories and pictures of

Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth

Ronald Regan and the Queen rode horses in the Windsor Castle grounds. 



You have to watch this one!


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The Queen and Paddington Bear get the

Platinum Party at the Palace Rocking


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Let's Eat

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This week Steve and I enjoyed lunch at A Restaurant in Crystal Cove. The leek soup was out of this world as well as this beautiful salad with grilled avocado….


Highly recommend!!!


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Real Estate News

Is it a Buyers Market? Emerald Bay

is a Slightly Different Story….


We’re still nowhere close to a market reset, and it’s hard to say if prices will ever return to where they once were. The pandemic pushed the market to dizzying peaks, and no one’s predicting a crash after years of record-breaking sales. But the last few months feel like the start of a new era — a spring flower emerging from the snow.




Wait is the market really slowing?

Maura has sold $20M within the last month…. 


12 homes have sold this year and Maura Short has represented more Emerald Bay buyers and sellers than any agent. 3 of these sales have been off market and I have represented 2 of these off market properties. There are still homes available as well as off market deals.


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The Emerald Bay Market

There are currently 3 active homes for sale in Emerald Bay

ranging in price from $6,950,0000 to $37,800,000.

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