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February 10, 2024

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The Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged at their recent meeting and signaled that they will be closely monitoring the data for improving signs on inflation to begin lowering, but a better-than-expected employment figures for January drove 10-year Treasury prices down and bond and mortgage rates rising this week.


The resilience of the macro economy may mean the anticipated rate cuts will be slower to manifest than many had hoped. However, weekly numbers on pending sales show that consumers were taking advantage of the recent reprieve on rates we enjoyed last month, and closed sales could begin to tick up as the spring homebuying season beings in earnest over the next few months.


If you have any questions regarding our local market, please reach out. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the Super Bowl, and have a lovely Valentine's Day!


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Did You Know?

5-year fixed-rate mortgages have tumbled to 4.64% from a peak of 6.11% in July the UK. Sales activity has picked up notably and pricing has recovered already very close to 2022 peaks. (Bloomberg)


Did You Know?

One-third of the 500 real-estate agents surveyed say they have worked with buyers who moved over the last 12 months mainly because of state or local laws or politics. (Marketwatch)


Did You Know?

The most expensive house in the US is for sale for $295 million in Naples, Florida. Not unlike most headlines today, this one too is somewhat misleading as this 'house' is actually a 9-acre compound with three enormous houses measuring over 23,000sf in total with a six-boat basin. The owners are from the Pittsburgh area. (WSJ)


Did You Know?

Huge roofs offer opportunity: The Orbital Shopping Centre in north Swindon, UK has submitted a request to install new solar panels that are expected to produce 56% of the centre’s electricity needs. Walmart says about a quarter of its more than 1,900 stores nationwide have solar on-site, with the systems providing from 15 - 40% of a property's energy needs. Big Box stores provide some around 109,000 acres of prime, solar-panel-ready rooftop real estate, according to a 2016 calculations, enough to produce more than 50 million megawatt hours of electricity a year—and power 5.2 million households—assuming 477 megawatt hours per year, per acre for utility scale photovoltaics. Solar paneled covered parking lots comprising around 861 square miles of parking area could produce 422,000 megawatts of cleaner energy.....that's also pretty cheap! If Walmart is doing it you know it has to be profitable! (BBC/TIME)


Did You Know?

Nearly 300 gigawatts of new power plants are needed over the next 5 years and 500 gigawatts over the next decade to meet the need. Solar demand is expected to grow 26% per year compounded over the next 5 years as the economics of generating solar power become increasingly attractive. Contrary to (well-funded) narratives, utility-scale solar costs anywhere from $24- 96 per megawatt hour without subsidies, about 56% cheaper than nuclear and gas peaking and 42% less expensive than coal at the top end of the cost estimate range. (CNBC)


Did You Know?

Hedge Funds love volatility in markets.....Citadel grew 1.9% in just January....annualized that would be over 22%. When people make big bucks out of volatility, expect volatility to persist!


Did You Know?

Ultra-luxe retailers are buying the retail spaces from their landlords, flush with massive recent profits fueled by luxe-flation. Prada, Gucci and now LVMH are buying up buildings on Fifth Avenue for hundreds of millions. Buy vs. Rent?(WSJ)


Did You Know?

VAIL.....northeast? Yup, Vail Resorts has bought up numerous ski resorts in the Northeast (15!) and elsewhere. Vail's EPIC PASS Costing around $700-1,000 allows skiers to ski in multiple resorts in Colorado, Rockies, West, Canada, Australia, Europe and the Northeast, now with over 2 million subscribers. Traditionally, real estate prices at ski resorts have soared over time. (Bloomberg)


Did You Know?

I have discovered a new tradition that I just LOVE….. Generations Over Dinner. There is an organization that inspires people to bring multi-generations to dinner so that our youth can learn from older generations and vice versa.


Did You Know?

Cheese please…. in the early 1980s, after the enactment of a $2 billion dairy subsidy left American farmers drowning in excess milk. The federal government bought the leftovers and turned much of it into cheese for storage purposes, leaving the chunks that were not distributed via "government cheese" handouts to languish in warehouses and caves. While ownership of the stockpile eventually passed into private hands, the government couldn't quite shake its old habits. In 2016, the USDA announced plans to purchase 11 million pounds of cheese to lessen the strain on private facilities. As of April 2021, there remained 1.4 billion pounds of the stuff in storage, with nary a mouse in sight to tackle the problem head-on.

Emerald Bay Market

Emerald Bay recently had 3 properties on the market, but now we have dwindled down to just one property on the market. This property just had a $2M price reduction. 


Choice properties are selling and for record numbers…. Within the last year we had 10 properties sell with only 4 of these actually being listed on the MLS. 


Of my last 6 sales, 4 of these properties were off market….. I always have pocket listings…..


Emerald Bay Sales from Jan 2023 to Date

*Pocket listing

The Jacki Cam

Fact About Bald Eagle and Mama Bear


Can you believe in the dead of winter, January 31st, Jackie, our mama bear bald eagle in Big bear CA sat there during the crazy storms this week and can generate up to 105 degree temperature to keep her babies cooking/incubating!!!!! That is dedication.


It takes about 35 days for eagle eggs to incubate. About three months later, the eaglets “make their first unsteady flights,” according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. A few days after that, they will “fledge,” or leave the nest. But they will remain in the vicinity for about six more weeks, as mom and dad provide food and help them hone their hunting skills.


Watch Livestream Video of the Nest

Bald Eagle Incubation Facts

Incubation Period: 34–36 days


  • Both male and female take turns incubating eggs, with the female doing most of the work.
  • Incubation begins after the first egg is laid, resulting in different hatching times.
  • Adults maintain a temperature of around 105°F for the eggs.
  • Nest exchanges occur every 1-4 hours, with adults bringing fresh materials.
  • Eggs are turned hourly to prevent uneven heating and embryo adhesion.
  • Brood patches aid in regulating egg temperature by allowing direct body heat transfer.


Respect All, Fear None.


This is one of the best points in tennis that I have ever seen…. This is ridiculous!

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49ers History

The San Francisco 49ers were established in 1946.


The 49ers have won five Super Bowl championships. With victories in Super Bowl XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV, and XXIX, the 49ers have established themselves as one of the most successful teams in NFL history.


Joe Montana and Jerry Rice are among the greatest players in 49ers history.


The 49ers have had several legendary coaches. Coaches such as Bill Walsh, George Seifert, and Jim Harbaugh have left an indelible mark on the franchise with their innovative strategies and leadership.


San Francisco 49ers have a strong rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys during 1980-1990’s


The team has retired numbers of several iconic players, Joe Montana’s #16 and Jerry rice’s #80


San Francisco 49ers have a passionate fan base, known as the “Niner Empire,” with their fans known for their unwavering support and dedication to the team.


The 49ers have played at Candlestick Park and Levi’s Stadium.


San Francisco 49ers have had several iconic moments in their history.

From “The Catch” by Dwight Clark to a dominant Super Bowl performance by Steve Young, the 49ers have created lasting memories for their fans.


These 49ers have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Ronnie Lott

The Catch: Joe Montana to Dwight Clark
Playoff Video Feat. 49ers Legend Steve Young

Super Bowl Commercials


Check out the most influential Super Bowl commercials of all time. The 9-11 Budweiser commercial is awe inspiring.

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For Lease

For Lease

There are 3 new Emerald Bay listings coming on the market and I have several off market listings….. Call me for details…


There is currently 1 active home for sale in

Emerald Bay listed at $12,995,000, previously listed for $14,995,000

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