How Can We Help?

April 4, 202 0
Good Morning,
We will get through this because we ARE getting through this!
Times like these are when Americans show what we are made of and why we are the greatest nation on this planet. While my real estate team continues to work hard for our clients, we are equally, if not more, focused on how we can help our family, our friends, our community, and our country.
During the pandemic, I am not asking…. Did you know (as I do typically in my newsletters), rather I am asking How can we …..?
How can we help our family?   As we have become more educated about the Coronavirus, the way we do everything in our daily life has evolved and changed. By now, we have all heard repeatedly about all the things we should be doing. But the toughest thing to deal with is insisting on and practicing social distancing among your family members. With teenagers, my husband and I found it challenging to get our girls to understand how serious this is, but we have laid down the law. What teenager doesn’t think they know everything? Practice tough love for the wellbeing of your family, especially for those in higher-risk categories. 
How can we help our community?  Local non-profits, especially food pantries (Laguna Food Pantry for example) are overwhelmed with demand. Seniors and those at risk are experiencing higher anxiety and fear. If you can, please pick up groceries for those at risk. Donate to local food banks. Get involved with supporting front-line responders. Call or face time those who may be isolated. Have a child read a story to a grandparent. Get creative and match your skills and passion with someone who needs it. Social bonding while social distancing is important to many.
How can we help our country? Our Congress has passed a massive stimulus package to provide relief for many Americans (and much more needs to be done). Congress and States have created many loans, grants, and funding sources are intended to keep cash flowing through the economy. It is critical that employers retain employees where they can so people can house and feed their families, pay rent or mortgage and other bills. Money must flow through the entire system to stave off economic depression. I encourage every person in our country to apply for and utilize the tools Congress has given us. If you are a financial or accounting professional, reach out to your clients and even offer to help them navigate and apply for financial assistance.  Challenge yourself every day….how can I make a difference? Who can I help?
Anything else….YES! Keep a schedule and don't forget your daily M.E.D.S :   M editate,  E xercise daily,  D iet with healthy foods, and  S leep well! 
Do you have projects on your to do list you never seem to have time for? Get them done. 
While I am here for any real estate needs you may have, please feel free to call on my family for any other help you may need during this time.
There is light on the horizon
There are solid reasons to be optimistic, especially when it comes to housing.
First, we are not a housing recession like the implosion of the financial markets in 2008, where the collapse of the economy was tied to mortgage-backed securities and skyrocketing default rates.
In fact, of the last five recessions, only 2008 saw home values drop abruptly, while they continued increasing in three other instances,  and only decreased by -1.9% in 1991.  Check out this article from CoreLogic that compares the values of real estate during our different recessions.
Things to Buy
Yesterday, I was at the Grocery store and saw Joovey’s new grocery cart called the Boot… It is easily foldable and compact, and the basket is easily removable so you can carry it to the kitchen…. I don’t have to worry about someone else touching my cart or even asking for grocery bags… Check it out….
To Go, Pick Up & Delivery
Check out the latest updates from Laguna Beach restaurants that remain open offering to-go, curbside pick-up, and delivery. Support our local establishments!
Support + Gratitude
An inspirational example of the American spirit was watching Heroes Helping Heroes. Watching the NYC firefighters parade past a New York Hospital in support of the Doctors and nurses was truly beautiful.
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