Housing Supply Improvements Expected to Continue Throughout the Summer


June 1, 2024

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Recently released reports offer some promising outlook for the California housing market in the medium term and the long term. The anticipated increase in the statewide population in the coming years and a strong desire for many renters to buy in the near future are encouraging news that should help push housing demand to a higher level in the next few years.


With the improvement in housing supply conditions expected to continue throughout the summer and rates projected to moderate more consistently in the second half of the year, more buyers should reenter the market in the later part of the homebuying season.


If you have any questions regarding our local market, please reach out. Have a great weekend!

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Did You Know?

These are the 15 fastest-growing U.S. cities with population over 20,000:

  1. Celina, Texas: 26.6%
  2. Fulshear, Texas: 25.6%
  3. Princeton, Texas: 22.3%
  4. Anna, Texas: 16.9%
  5. Lathrop, California: 13.6%
  6. Centerton, Arkansas: 11.2%
  7. Haines, Florida: 10.8%
  8. Georgetown, Texas: 10.6%
  9. Prosper, Texas: 10.5%
  10. Forney, Texas: 10.4%
  11. Kyle, Texas: 9%
  12. Lebanon, Tennessee: 8.9%
  13. Fort Mill, South Carolina: 8.8%
  14. Leesburg, Florida: 8.7%
  15. Athens, Ohio: 8.6%


Did You Know?

This is how much the US economy is performing right now: The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said it screened 2.95 million airline passengers on Friday, the highest number ever on a single day.


Did You Know?

China is banning some social media influencers in a drive against “creating ostentatious personas”......hmmmmm..... 😂🤔


Did You Know?

The NASDAQ composite hit an all time high last week, just shy of 17,000, up 127% in just 5 years. In case you were wondering how the rich got richer, now you know! This massive wealth creation is what drives a good chunk of the ultra-luxury real estate markets.....and impacts almost anyone invested in the markets, including anyone with a retirement account, not just 'the rich'. Even an S&P 500 index fund is up almost 88% in the past 5 years. (Ownership has its privileges!) All of this is fueled by innovation, efficiencies ....and higher pricing that has fueled profitability.


Did You Know?

Why have home insurance rates soared? A big part of the problem - besides more extreme weather events and sharply higher building costs, not to mention fraud - is that insurers buy reinsurance policies to limit their risks. After suffering a sharp drop in profits, reinsurers raised rates and cut coverage at the start of 2023. That hit home insurers, making it harder to manage their losses from storms and other extreme-weather events. Many of them passed on the higher costs and reduced coverage to their customers. Since the start of last year, regulators have greenlighted a 26% home-insurance rate increase in Texas, one of 45 states to suffer a double-digit increase. While home insurers have struggled—the industry last year lost almost 11 cents for every dollar of premium written, according to S&P—reinsurers are enjoying their most profitable stretch in years. (WSJ)


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What would you say if AI 're-created' your voice and another competitor used that voice to cold-call homeowners.....we can expect new AI-related rules in our future.....


Did You Know?

Oprah Winfrey’s name was supposed to be named Orpah from the book of Ruth. But people had too much trouble spelling Orpah and it seems Oprah was easier for people to spell.

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Holy Water

An Underwater Statue of Christ Blesses the Depths off Key Largo


I think I might need to fly to Florida to check out this this sculpture underwater: They call it Christ of the Abyss.

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Around the World Race Winners

Her Royal Highness visits Maiden © The Maiden Factor / Kaia Bint Savage


True Girl power!!!!! I love this soooo much! Grit and perseverance for sure! This 14 gal crew traveled in a 27,000 mile sailing sprint taking 153 days only to WIN the race……AGAIN!

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