Housing is the Bright Spot in our Economy


February 4, 2022
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Economic and market data shows that housing continues to be the bright spot in an otherwise turbulent economy. Data shows that 2021 was the best year for California’s housing market since the recovery from the Great Recession began over a decade ago. December solidified 2021 as the best year for existing single-family home sales in over a decade. 
Despite ongoing challenges with the pandemic, a labor market that has yet to fully recover, supply chain interruptions and rising interest rates, buyer demand remains strong, although limited supply is expected to weigh on sales in 2022.
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Did You Know? A flying car may seem like the stuff of sci-fi movies and every child’s fantasy, but before you know it, it’s going to be a reality. AirCar is a car that turns into an aircraft and takes to the skies. The futuristic craft has been given the green light in Slovakia.
Did You Know? These will be the 10 largest states by population in 2040 according to the COOPER CENTER:
California (46,467,001) 
Texas (40,015,913) 
Florida (28,886,983) 
New York (20,873,488) 
Georgia (12,820,271) 
Pennsylvania (12,809,150)
North Carolina (12,658,927) 
Illinois (12,397,564) 
Ohio (11,751,540) 
Michigan (9,960,115)
Where there is population growth with an educated workforce, industry and jobs follow.....and the demand for higher end housing too! Areas with low-paying, lower skilled jobs usually need more affordable and/or subsidized housing. 
Did You Know? Texas and Arizona joined Utah and Idaho in recouping all their pandemic job losses. In comparison, California and New York were at only 70% and 60% of their pre-pandemic employment levels, respectively.
Did You Know? What follows the building of a huge new TESLA factory? Housing! Hines is partnering with Trez Capital, Caravel Ventures and Sumitomo Forestry to transform 1,400 acres of suburban Southeast Austin into Mirador, a master-planned community next to Austin’s new Tesla Gigafactory consisting of 2,500 single-family lots, 50 acres of multi-family and townhomes (including attached, detached, duplexes, quadruplexes) and 75 acres of commercial land. Construction is expected to begin in 2022 and home sales will begin in 2023.
Did You Know? Your house can charge your car and your car can charge your house?? Wait, what? That is crazy!!!!! Read more!
We will soon be able to send electricity to and from our EV and home. Most everyone is aware of solar power and clean energy but many people are unaware of the invention of bidirectional charging and the cost savings to our electrical bill it will provide. Electric rates are significantly higher during peak demand times vs. non-peak times. The utility companies are moving customers to a “Time of Use” rate structure with off-peak rates for customers with EV’s being 37% less than for customers who do not own an EV. Have you noticed your cost of electricity going up? Check the SCE website.
With the introduction of bidirectional charging an EV battery can be used to transfer stored electricity to the home (or the grid), thus eliminating the need for expensive standalone batteries. A bidirectional EV charger is used to supply electricity to the home during peak hours, when the rate is 47 cents per KW. Then, the home charges the EV later in the evening when rates are cheaper at 19 cents per KW. 
When you combine lower off-peak rates for EV owners and the ability to use electricity stored in the EV during peak rate periods, the net cost of an EV is significantly reduced. This will drive demand for EVs and creates several other benefits. Cars sit in parking spaces 95% of the time, thus with careful planning and the right infrastructure, parked and plugged-in EVs could become mass power banks, stabilizing the electric grids of the future. 
Bidirectional charging will become more important as we move towards totally renewable energy systems. With bidirectional charging, the full potential of EV battery storage can be realized to benefit the entire energy system – and the planet! 
Olympics Facts
Let’s Get Ready for the OLYMPICS… WHOOOOYAAAA
 I am not a fan of the location of the Olympics as well as the challenges/restrictions our athletes are going through. However, I am a mom of a high school athlete and I appreciate, respect and admire the dedication and commitment of these incredible athletes. This is the moment they have been waiting for…… I LOVE the Olympics, I LOVE the personal stories and I PRAY that our Olympians will be safe during this chance of a lifetime. So with that in mind…. Let’s get motivated……
Here Are a Few Fun Facts:
What are the official Olympic sports competitions at the Winter Games?
There are fifteen disciplines in all at the Winter Games, most of them traditional like alpine skiingbiathlon, bobsled, cross-country skiing, curling, ice hockey and figure skating, and some of them relatively new to the games -- like the very exciting snowboard and freestyle skiing competitions.
Newly introduced at the 2022 Games?
They include women's mono bob (a single person bobsled event), mixed team competitions in freestyle skiing aerials, ski jumping, and snowboard cross, and the mixed relay in short track speed skating.
Beijing will be the first first city ever to host both the Summer (2008) and Winter (2022) Olympic games.
The United States is the only country to have won gold medals in every Winter Olympics. 
The Winter Olympics has never been hosted in the southern hemisphere….
Chloe Kim of the United States is the youngest female (17), gold medallist, in the snowboarding game. 
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