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August 8, 2021
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A 20.7% increase in home prices is expected from last year to this year. The housing marketing is also expecting 8% more transactions than in 2020. We're on track for the best year for home sales in a decade.
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Did You Know? Did you know that only 6 homes are currently listed for sale in Emerald Bay. We have had 19 sales this year (remember we usually hav 12-15). Additionally, we have 5 currently in escrow.
Did You Know? According to the CoreLogic 2020’s Hottest Cities for Homebuyers Report, homebuyers left states with high taxes and expensive housing, particularly coastal locations such as New York and California, and relocated to metro areas in Texas, Florida, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. Is this trend reversing in 2021 as big cities are seeing a mammoth return and uptick in sales and rental volume and large reductions in inventory?
Did You Know? US Automakers aim to produce 40-50% of all cars and trucks to be electric by 2030......will the electrical infrastructure in your area be capable of handling this new demand? There are roughly 280 million cars in the USA. Currently, there are about 1.1 million electric cars. About 17 million cars are sold each year in the USA, which means we would be adding around 7-8 million electric cars per year..... an EV requires around 40 kWh to recharge a fully depleted battery. (CNBC)
Did You Know? Amazon has secured smartphone access to thousands of apartment buildings across the country, in some cases breaking out gift cards to convince landlords. The company pitches its Key for Business service as a way to cut down on stolen packages. But the program has also raised privacy and security concerns. Amazon installs a device for free at the front door of a building, which allows drivers to unlock the door through the Amazon mobile app. The program launched in 2018. Drivers must confirm with Amazon their identity, route, and location. Access to a building is a one-time use and expires. (LA TIMES)
Did You Know? Gloria Vanderbilt's Beekman Place apartment that was recently listed for a relatively modest $1.125 million speaks volumes about how often even the richest dynastic fortunes and estates are ultimately recycled back into society. While many decry the tax-avoidance schemes of the rich, we should take note of the charitable contributions, donations, sales taxes, real estate taxes, estate taxes, etc spent and recycled into the economy - over many decades - that often leaves these estates with a fraction of the wealth they once had. John Rockefeller's estate was worth around $1.4 billion in 1937 when he died.....the Rockefeller Foundation has since given more than $17 billion in current dollars to support thousands of organizations and individuals worldwide. That sounds like a fair share to me, no? Patience people, patience! Maybe the ultra-wealthy's ultimate contributions to society - besides creating thousands of jobs - happens AFTER their time on planet earth?
Summer Vacation
Hi from Croatia!
In need of inspiration? We arrived on the isle of VIS, in Croatia while sailing the Dalmatian coast, to learn the town was established 400 B.C. Ponder that for a moment! Croatia has become a hot destination for so many. The history of the area runs deep – from the Greeks, Romans, Turks, even the French invaded Croatia. The result is a melting pot of incredible architecture and incredible people. Steve Short did a great job planning our family trip!!!
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