Happy Valentine's Day!


February 14, 2021
Happy Valentine's Day!
Housing demand is stronger than normal so far in 2021, while tight supply continues to put upward pressure on housing values. Robust price growth will not ease up until some balance between supply and demand is restored. Recent survey results suggest that the housing market could be getting more listings in the coming weeks, possibly because of the improving pandemic situation and a recovering economy.  
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Information + Updates
Did You Know? New technology will be entering the GREEN ENERGY arena... Commonwealth Fusion Systems aims to commercialize, fusion, a safe and virtually limitless source of “clean energy,” to combat climate change. The company is funded by the likes of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. Nuclear fusion is the process by which two atoms slam into each other and fuse into one heavier atom, generating energy. It’s what powers the sun. Fusion has many upsides: it’s clean. (Most energy used around the world is generated by burning carbon-based materials that release gasses into the atmosphere, warming the planet.) It is also a virtually unlimited resource. Other clean energies are fundamentally limited — wind energy depends on the wind blowing and solar energy depends on the sun shining, for example. It is generally safe, so reactors can be located near population centers or cities, which helps with infrastructure, unlike nuclear fission, or splitting an atom to generate energy, which is the same process used in an atom bomb. Fusion can provide both electricity generation and heat: ie: it can meet all sorts of energy demand, including powering homes, recharging batteries, creating clean fuels, drive chemical processes, or other industrial uses. (CNBC)
Did You Know? 57 years ago this week the Beatles arrived in New York City.....2 days later 73 million US viewers (about 40% of the US population!) tuned into the Ed Sullivan Show to watch them perform.....and Baskin Robbins introduced Beatle Nut ice cream (talk about finding marketing opportunity!) 106 years ago today the 1st wireless message sent from a moving train to a station was received. And today 36 years ago (1985) "New York, New York" becomes the official anthem of New York City.
Did You Know? Tishman Speyer, the Manhattan-based owner of Rockefeller Center, is buying its first buildings in Austin. The price for the properties in the Texas capital, which has emerged as a technology hub, was between $145 million and $150 million. (BLOOMBERG)
Did You Know? The regular flu vaccine generally reduces people’s risk of getting influenza by 40% to 60% compared with people who aren’t inoculated. Meanwhile the three vaccines for COVID range in effectiveness from 66% to 95%! J&J's one-shot vaccine that can be mass-produced and more easily distributed will significantly alter the speed of vaccinations.
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Thinking we're in Sonoma or Temecula???
Can you imagine making your own yummy red wine and olive oil in your own backyard here in Orange County? Just visited Peppertree Canyon in North Tustin. 
Local Love
We love our local Reba Shanberg and her amazing organic health and beauty care products…….The products are made right here locally.
Contact Reba for an appointment: [email protected].
Marine Traffic Control
Are you waiting for your outdoor furniture coming in from Bali on a shipping container????? You can now check out the traffic of shipping containers in the various ports around the world! You can see the world Marine traffic control from your own home….. This is SUPER cool.  
Question of the week.
How many containers can the MSC Isabella hold?
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