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October 31, 2020
Good morning,
Home sales are growing nationally and in California, buyer demand remains strong as borrowers file mortgage applications at an unreasonable pace.
 The number of new listings being added to the MLS each day has been relatively stagnant for more than 3 months while sales have continued to climb. In other words, we are not replenishing the inventory as fast or faster than homes are being sold, so active inventory is falling. Indeed, the number of active listings in 2020 peaked in April—something that typically doesn’t happen until July or August. This will prevent sales from being as strong as they otherwise might be right now.
The Mortgage Bankers Association reports that fewer homeowners were in forbearance last week as the percentage fell to 5.9%. Data from CoreLogic shows that 41% of COVID-related forbearances have already exited. Some have gotten current on their mortgage payments again, and roughly 6% have paid off their mortgage in full since entering forbearance. 
Have a great weekend and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Information + Updates
Did You Know? The national eviction ban and some state and city protections are set to expire by January or sooner. Renters will then be on the hook for months of missed rent payments, which even those who have jobs could struggle to pay. Outstanding rent debt would reach $7.2 billion before the close of 2020. Moody’s Analytics estimates that it could reach nearly $70 billion by year-end if there is no additional stimulus spending, calculating that 12.8 million Americans would then owe an average of $5,400 from missed payments. While terrible, let's put this into perspective: During the 2008-9 financial crisis, the $1.3 trillion subprime-mortgage bubbles burst, leading to a national wave of defaults and foreclosures. (WSJ)
Did You Know? Zoom use jumped from 10 million a day in December 2019 to more than 300 million a day by late March. (WSJ)
Did You Know? American households watched 4 billion more hours of television in 2020 versus 2019.
Did You Know? Disruption is not a new thing at all..... This past weekend in 1861 Western Union completed the first transcontinental telegraph line across the US, making nearly instantaneous cross-country communication possible for the first time. Previously, it took 10 days for a letter to be sent from Missouri to California via the Pony Express.....two days later the Pony Express shut down operations.
Did You Know? The only bird that dares to peck an eagle is the crow. It sits on its back and bites the eagle’s neck. However, the eagle does not respond nor fight with the crow, it spends no time on the crow instead the eagle opens its wing and soars higher to the heavens. The higher the flight the tougher it is for the crow to breathe then the crow fails down from the lack of energy.
Note to self…. that once we move toward our goals, we are faced with obstacles and challenges, but when we keep pushing ourselves forward, every other unnecessary obstacle will fall by itself, also called Perseverance.
Authentic Mexican Cuisine
My favorite Mexican restaurant in Laguna is Carmelitas. His sauces are directly from the middle of Mexico. I love going with my family.
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Please join me in supporting Sally’s Fund’s “non-event" Fundraiser… Invitations are in the mail….. but you can log on now and make a donation for our Laguna Beach Seniors.
Thank you for anything that you can give.
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