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September 5, 2020
Good Morning,
Continued research shows that the right measures of grit, optimism, expertise, experience, and a dash of self-made luck can add up to success.          
Increased optimism remains an ongoing theme in my Saturday newsletters. Business conditions have held onto the gains made over the past two months and attitudes about the future have rebounded as well. More realtors are reporting getting deals done, fewer are reporting buyers and sellers getting cold feet, and the economy at large shows more signs of progress. 
Have a great holiday weekend!
Information + Updates
Did You Know? 12 homes have sold since the beginning of the year. Check out the stats for the last 11 years in Emerald Bay.
Emerald Bay Sales from 2010 to 2020
2020....12 Sales ranging from $3.35M - $7M
2019....17 Sales ranging from $3.7M - $24.25M
2018....17 Sales ranging from $3.37M - $23M
2017....15 Sales ranging from $2.8M - $8.45M
2016....18 Sales ranging from $2.8M - $19M
2015....17 Sales ranging from $3.15M - $17.2M
2014....22 Sales ranging from $2.53M - $15M
2013....23 Sales ranging from $2.M - $15.5M
2012....16 Sales ranging from $2M - $16M
2011....15 Sales ranging from $2.25M - $6.73
2010....14 Sales ranging from $2M - $7M
Did You Know? The DOW ended earlier this week over 29,000...WOW! The US budget deficit is projected to reach $3.3tn this year, or 16% of economic output, its highest figure since the second world war, as America plowed federal dollars into the economic response to the coronavirus pandemic. The projection was posted by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office yesterday, as an update to its budgetary outlook. In March, it had predicted a budget deficit of $1.1tn this year.
Did You Know? Some mortgage lenders are offering borrowers an unusually large per-point reduction on the rate of JUMBO mortgages. Lenders assume most borrowers will hold on to a 30-year fixed mortgage for about 6 years. (WSJ)
Did You Know? In 2019 California temporarily banned insurers from canceling policies on some 800,000 homes in or near risky parts of the state. However, that ban is about to expire and can’t be renewed, and a recent plan to deal with the problem fell apart in a clash between insurers and consumer advocates. Around the world, climate change has made storms more powerful and frequent, increased the intensity of droughts, and contributed to more extreme wildfires, and, as a result, many insurance companies say their premiums are now set too low to cover the growing losses. (NY TIMES)
Did You Know? What is less talked about is Tesla's solar ambitions, which is understandable given the relatively small size of Tesla Solar. Despite this, Tesla Solar will likely be a significant component of Tesla's overall business in the long term. The potential of solar and the sheer size of the electricity market make Tesla Solar extremely compelling. Do you know a single homeowner who would not prefer a quiet generator/power storage a Tesla power Wall?
Did You Know? One in 3 Americans says they will not get the Coronavirus Vaccine.....Seriously? (USNEWS)
Did You Know? Retail sales in July topped pre-pandemic levels. This seems crazy but due to Covid, we are just buying different things. (WSJ)
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