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August 24, 2021
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Housing data shows home sales and prices continue to be extremely competitive. Home sales remain above pre-Covid levels and buyer demand remains strong.
I hope you enjoy my newsletter. Please take a look at my Emerald Bay sales to date. It's an honor to serve and represent our community – one I truly treasure and love. I've included an article that takes us back to 1998. I think you'll enjoy it and the data.
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Did You Know? The average Home Depot purchase was up over 11% in the second quarter, although sales growth slowed. Profits soared too - also for Walmart - which again begs the question: if costs are rising so dramatically, how are profits rising so much too? Could 'because-we-can' pricing be more responsible than 'natural' inflation for increased prices? (CNBC)
Did You Know? Ed Yardeni believes the U.S. economy is on the cusp of “nirvana.” Despite the uncertainty surrounding inflation and Covid-19 variants, the longtime bull believes the pandemic is significantly accelerating corporate America’s adoption of cutting-edge technology designed to expand productivity and is ushering in a modern roaring ’20s on Wall Street. (CNBC)
Did You Know? Nationally, U.S. median home prices held steady from June to July at $385,000. That’s up 10.3% from last year at this time, according to the latest data from It’s slower growth than the 12.7% increase in June 2021, and it marks the third month in a row in which the year-over-year gains have slowed. Is the market going from hot to normal? (NY TIMES)
Did You Know? Many businesses around the globe are already requiring proof of vaccinations for customers to be indoors to lower the risk of COVID spread in their businesses, thereby reducing the risk of shutdowns and further economic pain. Expect outdoor dining to continue growing and expanding everywhere. Companies from Disney to Walmart, Netflix, Blackrock, Morgan Stanley, Saks, Uber, Lyft, Goldman Sachs, Jeffries, Wallgreens to Google, and Facebook have begun mandating employees to get shots to protect against Covid-19. Those who cannot get vaccinated will continue working from home if they can.
Did You Know? Later Start? Workers experience the greatest gain in earnings when they jump from the 25-to-34 to the 35-to-44 age bracket.....and this is happening exactly now with Millennials. As of 2020, the median age of a first-time homebuyer was 33 years old, up from 30 years old a decade ago. Americans are also waiting longer to become parents: the mean age of mothers at first birth was 27 in 2019, a record high. 41% of millennials reported they feel stressed all or most of the time, and 66% agreed their personal finance situations contribute to that worry.....join the club! (WSJ)
"What’s different today from what we saw in 2008 is that people who are qualifying for loans are actually qualified. They are creditworthy. We’re in the situation we are now because of simple supply and demand.”
- Tabitha Mazarra, MBanc
Did You Know? China, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, Japan, Peru, the USA, and Italy are most prone to earthquakes. In the USA, the West Coast is known for lots of seismic activity, but many are not aware of the 16 states at highest risk of quakes: Alaska, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Here is a hot zone map
Emerald Bay Year to Date Sales
I've represented more buyers and sellers than any other agent in Emerald Bay year to date. And, yes, I do sell outside of Emerald Bay too! Take a look at my sales so far this year. They're listed in bold.
*My sales are listed in bold.
Oh, What a Year!
I ABSOLUTELY love it when friends and neighbors provide me with fun facts about our community…. A friend of mine was cleaning out their files and came across these comps from 1998. 
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