Emerald Bay Market Recap: The Last 10 Years


May 4, 2024

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Mortgage rates reached the highest levels since late November as recent economic reports indicate that inflation has remained stubbornly high in the past couple of months. The average 30 year fixed-rate mortgage reached its recent bottom in mid-January but has since climbed more than 50 bps in the last three months.


Despite being in an environment where rates stay higher for longer, there are signs that suggest that housing consumers are gradually adjusting to the new normal.


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Did You Know?

Here’s the average credit score (the higher the better) by generation as of March 2024, per VantageScore CreditGauge data:

Gen Z (18 to 27): 665

Millennials (28 to 43): 687

Gen X (44 to 59): 710

Baby boomers (60 to 78): 746

Silent generation (79 to 96): 750. (CNBC)


Did You Know?

While most economists now believe multiple rate drops are not coming in 2024, almost all economists believe the days of artificially super-low rates will not return for many years, if ever. The 30-year fixed mortgage rate hovered around 5% in 2009 and dipped to around 3% by 2020.....but it was 4.54% in 2018. At that time many were decrying that rate as 'too high!'.....(WSJ)


Did You Know?

Cities that boast robust financial infrastructure, vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems, and lucrative real estate markets, are always attractive destinations for the ultra-wealthy. Speaking about New York, Los Angeles, Beijing, San Francisco, Tiger 8 centimillionaire portfolios often feature very strong, stable pieces of real estate: These wealthy individuals gravitate toward “trophy asset” Class A properties (sounds familiar Emerald Bay), or investment-grade assets that typically were built within the last 15 years. Real estate investments typically represent 27% of these individuals’ portfolios.


Did You Know?

LVMH is famous for its handbags, shoes, jewelry, etc sold by their huge stable of luxury goods brands such as Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Fendi, etc, but recently they are learning (maybe from smart homeowners) that OWNING your retail space instead of renting is smart business. In recent years they have amassed a portfolio of billions of dollars worth of.....real estate! Retail success is often driven by location and super-prime always retains value, grows in demand.....and rent prices go up over time.


Did You Know?

A high-speed rail system with trains reaching speeds of up to 200mph - similar to the one in Florida connecting Miami to Orlando - will connect Southern California to Las Vegas by 2028.


Did You Know?

Willis Carrier, invented air conditioning. Now Carrier is repositioning itself to capitalize on the fast-growing market for heat pumps and other sustainable heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) technologies.


Did You Know?

An estimated 9.7 Million cigarette butts are littered in the US every year, 4 billion of these in waterways. They comprise nearly 20% of all litter.


Did You Know?

More than $38 billion of U.S. office buildings are threatened by defaults, foreclosures or other forms of distress, the highest amount since the 4th quarter of 2012 in the aftermath of the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Office owners are paying back their loans at a much slower rate. As recently as 2021, more than 90% of office loans that were converted into commercial-mortgage-backed securities were paid off when they became due, according to Moody’s. Last year, that figure fell to 35%, the worst payoff rate in the history of the data, which goes back to 2007. High interest rates combined with reducing office space and work-from-home - that often fuels corporate profits - may end up costing all of us LOTS! (WSJ)


"In the end, the business of life is the acquisition of memories." – Bill Perkins, Die with Zero

(Just read this book and very thought provoking!!!!)

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Dear neighbors, I have a GREAT all cash buyer looking for home with a view, could be a fixer or could be a finished home up to $20M. Closing time frame is flexible. Please call me at 949-233-7949 if you are interested in selling.

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30982 Steeplechase | San Juan Capistrano



Welcome to 30982 Steeplechase Drive in San Juan Capistrano's prestigious Hunt Club community in San Juan Capistrano. This mid-century modern property offers seamless indoor-outdoor living with high-end finishes throughout. The chef’s kitchen features Carrera marble counters and professional-grade appliances. With five en-suite bedrooms, including an oversized primary suite, the home offers ultimate comfort.


The backyard is an entertainer’s dream with a pool, spa, fire pit, and BBQ station. Additional amenities include a separate office, butler’s pantry, and laundry room. Located minutes from Dana Point Harbor and pristine beaches, this home epitomizes Southern California living in a gated, equestrian community.

Maura’s Mark on Emerald Bay


Check out all of the homes that I have represented one way or the other in Emerald Bay….. It has been a privilege to represent you, thank you for trusting me.

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1503 Emerald Bay

Last 10 Years Recap


Part of my education of the Emerald Bay market is to look at transactions of the past… It is also kind of fun to nerd out on the numbers……. Look at 2020, while having 20 transactions, the sales volume was relatively low considering!!!!! There was only one transaction over $10M that year…. The average sales price in 2020 was $5.8M Which sounds really attractive right now….. 

Good Old Grit

Only if we all had the grit, determination and endurance of Kwain Kennedy……Truly inspiring! “People need to believe in themselves. You know it is going to work but you don’t know if YOU are going to DO the work……

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Better With Age

Canadian woman, 99, breaks 3 world swimming records in her age category on the same day. Betty Brussel was able to compete in the 100-104 old age class and will be turning 100 July 2024. In January, Betty crushed the world record for the 400 meter freestyle, 50 meter breaststroke and 50 meter backstroke.

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Let's Eat


Last month I had the opportunity to eat at Sherman Gardens in CDM……. How beautiful is this salad….. And I pride myself on my Quiche but this quiche was right up there…. So different but really amazing! Thank you Johann!!!!!

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Now that Spring has sprung…. Let talk about gardening: What plants work best where you live? Check out the USDA Hardiness zone map which will give you direction on the following for you climate zone:


Plant Health


Low Maintenance

Optimal Growth

Best Varietal zones

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For Lease – 12 Month Rental


For Lease – 12 Month Rental

Summer Rental and Variable Winter Rental

Summer Rental

Available for August

Recent Leases:


167 Emerald Bay

227 Ledroit

1402 Emerald Bay

127 Emerald Bay

78 Emerald Bay

1503 Emerald Bay

1209 Emerald Bay

517 Emerald Bay

806 Emerald Bay

812 Emerald Bay

107 High Drive

153 Emerald Bay



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