Emerald Bay Demand Very Strong


February 27, 2021
Good morning,
As we come to the end of February, the demand for Emerald Bay houses remains very strong. There are currently 11 active listings in Emerald Bay, AND 5 of these listings are under contract! Note that the average number of active home listings is typically 12 to 15.
Needless to say, the demand for homes in Emerald Bay remains high. Projections from several economists suggest the real estate market will continue to be strong through 2021. Consistent with the increase in home values in Emerald Bay over the last year, we have seen healthy increases in home values across Coastal Orange County since the pandemic started.  For those who think Emerald Bay home values have gotten a bit frothy, one only needs to look at current home prices in other nearby coastal communities to understand the current home values we are seeing in our community.
Have a great weekend!
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Sea Sight Seeing
Have You Seen Any Whales Yet?
Whales are back…..Can't wait to see them in the bay….. Had to reshare the photo of Tim and Nala last year in the bay…. Photo from Barbara White.
Truly extraordinary picture!
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The Emerald Bay Market
There are currently 6 homes for sale in Emerald Bay
ranging from $4,395,000 to $15,995,000.


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