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DID YOU KNOW? On November 11th Alibaba Singles day put Black Friday to shame… Is Amazon ready for its competitor????
As the 24-hour sales event that eclipsed both Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2018 continues to roll out, the e-commerce giant broke its own record by generating over $38 billion in sales. (Forbes)
DID YOU KNOW? Roughly 72 million Americans are born between 1946 and 1964, about 20% of the US population: In about 10 years this group will reach their mid-80's, the typical move-in age for senior housing. The rise of technologies that help the elderly stay in their homes threatens to upend one of commercial real estate’s biggest bets: Aging baby boomers will leave their residences in droves for senior housing. New products and services include sensors that respond to a range of medical conditions, facial recognition for identifying visitors, and houses with malleable fixtures that can be adjusted as residents age. The aging-in-place technology trend marks a challenge to the numerous real-estate developers who have been rushing to build senior housing. Senior-housing developers added 21,332 new units in 2018—more than double the number that was added in 2014. (WSJ)
DID YOU KNOW?  Some of the first foam surfboards were made right here in Laguna Beach; first in garages in town and then in Laguna Canyon? This photo is from around 1959 when Hobbie first opened the shop. Steven Sadlier's dad use to surf with Hobbie and make surf boards with him, and when they went to foam surf boards and higher production the sport just took off and went international. Some of the earliest designs for the short boards came from Laguna Beach. Steven's dad remembered the first time they tried fiberglassing foam, it took a lot of experimenting to get it right. These boards were tested at Crescent Bay, Main Beach, Brooks, Oak, Thalia, Rockpile, etc. Many residents don't realize the role our city played in developing this sport and hobby. Even today new shapes and materials are being created right here in town. Laguna is home to some world class surfers too. I believe the whole surf culture adds to the charm of our city. See you on the beach. (Steven Sadleir)
Things to Do TONIGHT
Check out beej Studios where our own neighbors Jeff Sewell and Serena Brinderson celebrate the opening of Serena’s New Spiritual Studio - Beej Studios in Laguna Beach. They are having a shared art display and reception.
Where to Eat
Calling All Chicken Sandwich Connoisseurs
As you might have seen in some of my instagram posts… I am obsessed with Fried chicken sandwiches….. It might just be because I am from Oklahoma and this is comfort food!!!!! I have tried the sandwiches at Kitchen in the Canyon, Sapphire, Oak and now Nicks…. While I thought I could tell you which one I liked more, I have to say, they are all good. This week I went to Nicks and it was awesome.. half the restaurant was eating one… Try it…
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