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March 29, 2021
Good morning,
Thank goodness the public health crisis is slowly inching its way toward the finish line as more Californians receive the vaccine and as projected the real estate market is still super strong. However, interest rates continue to increase and that has caused the pace of growth in new mortgage applications to cool from the 30% growth that we experienced during much of the second half of 2020. Home sales remain strong and economists remain optimistic through 2021.
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Information + Updates
Did You Know? There are more Real Estate agents than there are listings (WSJ)….. Yip during quarantine it looks like everyone thought it was good idea to get their real estate license. I need to keep on my toes as there is competition on the rise 🤣.
Did You Know? The 500 largest US residential real estate brokerage firms closed over 3.9 million residential sales transactions in 2020—up from 3.4 million in 2019....up almost 15%!
Did You Know? Many senators are fighting to re-instate the full SALT tax deduction....stay tuned! (CNBC)  A salt tax refers to the direct taxation of salt, usually levied proportionately to the volume of salt purchased. The taxation of salt dates as far back as 300BC, as salt has been a valuable good used for gifts and religious offerings since 6050BC. The salt tax originated in China, in 300BC and became the main source of financing the Great Wall 
Did You Know? I have been chatting to many agents in the suburbs and most tell me that the "2020 rush" was not just a blip. The suburbs are back and it looks like these markets have legs for sustained strength after a few years of some unfair de-valuation in areas. Now the cities are coming back strong too, with record-setting activity after many months of hibernation.
Did You Know? Smart mattresses keep us comfortable also collect reams of data about our sleep quality, heart rate, and respiration. 
Did You Know? Some smart thermostats are monitoring the air quality in our homes. 
Did You Know? Some companies now sell smart pill bottles that light up, chime, or fire off text messages when patients miss a scheduled dose. 
Did You Know? Google has patented an optical sensor that enables smart mirrors to monitor our cardiovascular health by detecting subtle changes in skin color. And you thought home health tech was filtered fresh air!
Did You Know? Amazon has patented a system that could prompt our smart speakers to order cough drops when they overhear a sniffle…..
Going out for Easter
Where to Go for Easter Brunch in Laguna
With Easter all but canceled last year, you owe it to the Bunny-in-Charge to quit hiding plastic eggs around the house and take the fam out for a classy meal.
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