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August 22, 2020
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There were several positive signs in the economy last week as the labor markets, consumer spending, and homebuyer demand all improved. In addition, California rebounded back to pre-crisis levels of home sales as home prices set a new all-time high last month. The housing market is expected to remain a bright spot in the economy at large.
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Information + Updates
Did You Know? The USA is experiencing a lumber shortage as construction activity expands. The fear of COVID's impact on markets combined with workplace safety have slowed productivity.
Did You Know? Target - that reported jaw-dropping results this week - is expanding, planning to open 27 new stores. In New York it recently signed 80,000sf on the Upper East Side and Upper West Side. It will also take nearly 45,000sf of retail space in a $242 million mixed-use project in Harlem.
Did You Know? TWO TRILLION DOLLAR COMPANY? Yes, Apple is now worth $2 trillion and thanks to YOU for buying all those APPLE products.....I added up yesterday that my household owns a total of eleven…… 😳
Did You Know? American tech titans flew high before the coronavirus pandemic, making billions of dollars a year. Now, the upheaval has lifted them to new heights, putting the industry in a position to dominate American business in a way unseen since the days of railroads. When you want to spot an area with strong future growth prospects, look for technology.
Did You Know? Corporate America is more indebted today than ever before, more than $1.6 trillion in total. While this helped scores of companies stay afloat during the pandemic lockdown, it now threatens to curb an economic recovery that was already showing signs of sputtering. Many companies will have to divert even more cash to repay these obligations at the same time that their profits sink, leaving them with less to spend on expanding payrolls or upgrading facilities in months ahead.
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As some of you may or may not know, we had custom wall paper for the long wall in our downstairs game room. We chose the extraordinarily talented designer, Diana Garreau. Together, we hand selected several patterns and then Diana went to work and created her magic. I even slipped in all my kids initials and the verbiage of Steve’s favorite Neil Young song. If you don’t know about Diana, you should! Above are some pictures of her recent work… she is amazing!
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