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Compass Named #1 Brokerage for Third Year


March 23, 2024

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Since the beginning of the year, consumers have shown a positive attitude toward buying and selling, a sentiment echoed in the latest housing market report released by C.A.R. In February, both supply and demand saw an increase, indicating a growing competitiveness in the market as the spring homebuying season commenced. It is anticipated that March might witness more moderate sales, but housing demand is expected to rebound later in the home buying season as signs of easing inflation emerge and rates begin to decline once again.


If you have any questions regarding our local market, please reach out. Have a great weekend!

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Did You Know?

Around $6.5 trillion is sitting in money market accounts right now. While the S&P 500 is up 8% year to date, total money funds added more than $150 billion in assets through the first two months of 2024, or about $50 billion more than they did in the same period last year. At some point a chunk of that money will seek alternative investments as rates come down…..I’m thinking property in Emerald Bay is a really solid investment…..Remember, I have pockets😘? (WSJ)


Did You Know?

Smart Homes are subject to cyber-crime: make sure your Wi-Fi router is secure—the router is the key to your digital home. Use the website or app that controls your router to check that it isn’t using the default password—that same password could have been given to many other customers. Give the router a unique password you use only for that device. Ensure that the router’s security feature called a firewall is turned on, and that it is using encryption called WPA2 or the newer WPA3. And turn on the control to allow automatic software updates, if provided.  Use a different password for each device. Set up a guest network on your router that has its own unique password and use that network to connect your smart devices. Invest in a quality router that has software that allows profiles for your devices that can limit what they can do thereby inhibiting certain types of behavior that such devices can do with the network that will greatly diminish the ability of a hack from outside. Make sure your router supports multiple password supported networks. (WSJ)


Did You Know?

Americans fell to 23rd place in happiness amongst people overall while those under 30 ranked 62nd, according to a Gallup World Poll for the World Happiness Report 2024. Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Israel were the happiest. In the US, those above the age of 60 ranked #10, much higher! (WSJ)


Did You Know?

The four most polluted countries in IQAir’s ranking for 2023 — Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Tajikistan — are in South and Central Asia. China’s air pollution increased by 6.3% compared with 2022, after at least 5 years of improvement. Las Vegas, Nevada was the cleanest major city in the U.S. (NY TIMES) Who would have thunk Las Vegas??????


Did You Know?

State and local governments in California have committed tens of billions of dollars to build more affordable housing. A new complex for some of the neediest low-income people doesn’t use any of it: By forgoing government assistance and the many regulations and requirements that come with it, SDS Capital Group's 49-unit apartment building it is financing in South Los Angeles will cost about $291,000 a unit to build. By contrast, the roughly 4,500 apartments for low-income people that have been built with funding from a $1.2 billion bond measure L.A. voters approved in 2016 have cost an average of $600,000 each....more than double! (WSJ)


Did You Know?

While many are concerned about the rising demand for electricity to power vehicles, one of the biggest growing demands for power are data centers to help drive all our technology and AI. These entities require LOTS of power. This is where renewable energy comes in…...(Barrons)


Did You Know?

If personal interest payments and the higher cost of homeownership were captured by official data, inflation would have been 9% in November, not 3%.....which may imply that higher interest rates are actually FUELING higher inflation? (Barrons)


Did You Know?

Home Depot is opening new 500,000sf distribution centers in the first half of 2024 in Detroit, Los Angeles, San Antonio and Toronto to cater to the needs of professional builders and home remodelers that represents around 50% of its clientele.... (CNBC)


Did You Know?

TIK TOK could be acquired by a group of investors led by former US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin who recently came to the rescue of New York Community bank. Mnuchin's Liberty Strategic Capital and ByteDance have something in common: Masa Son’s SoftBank Vision Fund invested in ByteDance in 2018.....and is also a limited partner in Mnuchin’s Liberty Strategic. Don't quit those TikTok videos yet! (CNBC)


Did You Know?

Billionaire Adam Neuman - founder of WeWork (now bankrupt) - has a new venture (FLOW) in Florida and will be building around $300 million worth of rental apartments, retail space and small offices, all within walking distance of each other in the city’s downtown area, part of the 20-acre Miami Worldcenter. Supposedly a portion of your rent will go into investing in the company that is renting out apartments. Due to branding, this might allow them to charge a little more for the apartment, the company gets cash flow, the renters build equity like a house and might stay a little longer. At its peak, WeWork was valued at $47 billion: today that's about $120 million. (Bloomberg)


Did You Know?

Ultra-high-net-worth individuals ($30 million+ net worth) now account for 38% of all individual giving in the world. 400,000 people account for more than one-third of the world’s charity. The world’s 3,200 billionaires (or 0.00004% of the global population) account for 8% of individual philanthropy. (Altrata)

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Kevin Sears: Discussing Key Settlement Considerations and Ongoing Advocacy Efforts On the Road


If you want to know more about the NAR Settlement agreement regarding Agent Sales commission: Here is an explanation from the president of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Kevin Sears.

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Mortgage Rates

We Dodged a Bullet With the Fed, for Now


One of my favorite housing analysts Logan Mohtashami discusses the Fed's meeting Wednesday and what it means for mortgage rates.

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