Another Record Breaking Year?


January 22, 2022
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From San Diego to Santa Barbara, 2021 was a record-breaking year for real estate – setting the stage for 2022. 
Demand continues to outpace supply in Emerald Bay and throughout SoCal. The market is expected to remain strong through the first two quarters of 2022 because of inflation and relative low interest rates. Low interest rates are giving buyers a higher purchasing power. 
The anticipated increase in mortgage rates (the 10 year treasury is up 15% since yearend), is creating urgency to purchase and finance new homes before mortgage rates move higher.
If you're looking to purchase a home, consider this your opportunity to do so before rates and prices escalate as we head into spring and summer.
Information + Updates
Did You Know? Yesterday, exactly 2 years ago, the first COVID case was confirmed in the USA. Who could have fully predicted what followed.....😳
Did You Know? Peloton announced it would cut back production dramatically on its connected bikes and treadmills as demand has waned.....mostly due to its very high price-point. Yes, you can only charge so much to so many people before you run out of a big enough audience for what you are selling..... When Peloton debuted its Bike+ machine in September 2020 at $2,495, it cut the original Peloton Bike’s price from $2,245 to $1,895.....then again to $1,495 in September 2021. "Because you can" pricing devoid of fundamentals usually runs out of steam.....not always, but often. (CNBC)
Did You Know? Super-star Tina Turner - 82 years of age - and husband Erwin Bach just bought a $76 million weekend home on Lake Geneva in Zurich. Never pigeon-hole the age of potential home buyers, especially the really expensive ones! 90-year-old Rupert Murdoch bought a $200m Montana ranch in 2021!
Did You Know? Did you know: The robust Austin, TX area market that recorded a whopping $23 BILLION in residential real estate sales in 2021! (Read article) WOW….
This is how Orange County, Emerald Bay and our surrounding communities did in 2021:
All Orange County
Total Homes Sold = 24,802
Total Sales Volume = $34,865,437,814
Emerald Bay
Total Homes Sold = 27 
Total Sales Volume = $207,040,000
Irvine Cove
Total Homes Sold = 9
Total Sales Volume = $213,548,000
Three Arch Bay
Total Homes Sold = 31 
Total Sales Volume = $149,619,422
Newport Beach
Total Homes Sold = 834
Total Sales Volume = $2,883,860,840
Cameo Shores
Total Homes Sold = 9
Total Sales Volume = $80,995,000
The Strand
Total Homes Sold = 13
Total Sales Volume = $200,718,500
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CdM Restaurant
We LOVE dining in Laguna, but Lauren’s waterpolo game found us in Newport. Steve and I enjoyed a great meal at CdM Restaurant, owned by the River Jetty Restaurant group. I can’t wait for them to open up their restaurant in Crystal Cove….estimated opening date is March 9th…..
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Maura Short sold more in Emerald Bay than any other agent in 2021 and 2022. Maura Short has leased more homes than any other agent. Maura Short currently represents all the leases currently on the market in Emerald Bay.
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