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December 19, 2020
Good morning,
California’s housing market is poised to send 2020 out on a high note, reaching levels not seen in over a decade.
Fueling the strong year-end housing numbers is the persistence of historically low-interest rates. For the second week in a row, rates hovered at the all-time low level of 2.71% according to the latest Freddie Mac survey. So far in 2020, rates have hit a new all-time low 14 times.
Buyer demand remains robust. The Mortgage Bankers Association reported that weekly mortgage applications rose last week and remain ahead of 2019 levels by double-digits as we enter the final stretch of 2020.
Have a great weekend and a merry and bright holiday!
Information + Updates
Did You Know? GM's all-electric pickup sold out in 10 minutes despite its price tag that costs over $100,000.00..... imagines quiet commercial vehicles everywhere!
Did You Know? Tesla’s new car plant, its first U.S. factory outside Silicon Valley, is slated to open in Austin in 2021....and Elon Musk is moving personally to Texas, thereby saving 13.3% in personal California state income taxes. Texas is luring many wealthy people as it doesn’t collect state income or capital gains tax for individuals. Texas - the oil and gas capital - is also the biggest generator of GREEN energy from wind in the US, and the 4th largest solar. That's a lot of money, and let's face it: Elon - worth over $140 billion - needs more money! (Those South Africans! 😉) Until this year, the California government - ie: California taxpayers - covered $7,500 of every Tesla bought in the state.....Early on, Tesla got $612 million in tax breaks from California🤔
Did You Know? The global ultra-high-net-worth population accounted for 36% of individual giving in 2020. Mac Kensie Scott Bezos has donated over $4 billion in the past 4 months to charities. (Wealth-X)
Did You Know? “It’s an economic war. We’ve shut down a lot of people in this induced recession and others are prospering, and I think the country owes it to the millions of small business people.” - Warren Buffet, CNBC
Did You Know? The take-home lesson from 2020 is that demographics and mortgage rates drive housing, and these two factors are at the best levels for housing in our history. (Housingwire)
Did You Know? Those over 50 accounts for more than one-third of the U.S. population, 50% of all consumer spending, and 83% of household wealth. Catering to the aging population may be the most lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors, one that could be akin to investing in the software boom in the 1980s or internet in the 1990s? The 50-plus set represents an $8.3 trillion market opportunity in the U.S. alone.....(BARRONS)
Did You Know? Speaking of demographics.....what do we call the babies of 2020? Baby-ZOOMERS? Around 10,000 babies are being born every day.......
Did You Know? There are 246.5 Billion Emails sent per day… check out these stats:
Inspired Life
As many of you know, I love playing Volleyball with a very special group of ladies. Many mornings while playing, we watch, in awe, Dr. John Baldeschwieler and Marlene Konnar do their morning exercises. 
How often do you exercise? 
Almost every day, usually in the morning, whether we are in Emerald Bay or Pasadena or traveling.
What is your exercise regimen? 
Both do a combination of stretches, push-ups, weight lifting, tension bands, stationary cycling, and walking. John adds chin-ups. Marlene works out twice a week with her Pasadena personal trainer of thirty years. John joins them once a week. Since gyms are closed during COVID-19, workouts with trainers are conducted outside. 
How old are you?
John is 87.
Marlene is 79, to be 80 ends of January 2021.
How long have you owned a home in Emerald Bay?
We’ve owned #25 since 1992. Elizabeth Coulter (spelling?) at that time was the Emerald Bay historian and gave us photographs of our home as it appeared in 1929 when it was built. The top floor and roof deck were added by previous owners in the early 1980s. 
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Best Bread Ever
I would give up any sweets for REALLY good bread. That’s why we order from Bread Artisan Bakery weekly. They will deliver directly to your home on Wednesdays.
Check them out...
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