Ahhhhhh Summer!!!!!!


June 27, 2020
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As the phase 2 reopening entered its second month in California, the housing market continues to exhibit strength and remains one of the most promising sectors, poised to lead the economy forward. Despite home sales declining more than 30 percent in both April and May, the surge in recent market activity fueled by record-low mortgage rates suggests that the market will recover some ground in the coming months.    
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Information + Updates
Did You Know?  Not only does Monaco have the most expensive real estate in the world, it also has the highest COVID-19 testing per capita in the world too. Almost 42% of their tiny population has been tested. Russia and the UK have tested around 11% of their population and the US about 8.6%.
Did You Know?  Who would have thunk……... Over 4 billion metric tons of cement are produced annually, accounting for around 8% of global CO2 emissions. Now great efforts are being made to produce concrete that produces much lower carbon emissions. (CNBC) 
Did You Know?  39% of US urban dwellers said the Covid-19 crisis prompted them to consider leaving for less densely populated areas, according to a Harris poll of 2,050 adults conducted in late April.
Did You Know?  On average, Airplane cabin air is completely refreshed 20 times per hour, compared with just 12 times per hour in an office building. On most aircraft, the air is also circulated through hospital-grade HEPA filters, which remove 99.97% of bacteria, as well as the airborne particles that viruses use for transport (many regional jets lack these filters). Additionally, cabins are divided into separate ventilation sections about every seven rows of seats, which means that you share air only with those in your immediate environment and not with the guy who’s coughing up a lung ten rows back. When the plane is on the ground, however, air circulation in the cabin can be greatly reduced. The most common way to pick up a bug when flying is from contaminated surfaces; tray tables, lavatory doors, and latches on overhead bins that are loaded with viruses and bacteria. (NBC NEWS)
Did You Know? “There has been a production deficit in housing. We are shelter-supply-constrained, and that supply constraint means that all forms of shelter are going to thrive in the current market and probably be sustainable for the next year or two.” - Stuart Miller, Lennar CEO
“This has been a great time for renewal, but
also a time for a reckoning. For all of us right.” - Annie Liebovitz
Let's Eat
Support Our Local Restaurants
We feel that it is vital for us to support our local restaurants. WE NEED TO KEEP OUR FAVORITE RESTAURANTS IN BUSINESS. If you have been reading my newsletters, you know that Fusion 242 Sushi is one of our favorite restaurants….. Steve and I spent our 19th anniversary outside of the restaurant on PCH and the food was as good as ever….. This Covid Protocol is tough on everyone but I love how everyone is just a little more understanding and flexible…. maybe this is a reminder of how we should be every day…
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Ahhhhhh Summer!!!!!!
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The Emerald Bay Market
There are currently 10 homes for sale and 1 property on hold
in Emerald Bay. Prices range from $4,295,000 to $17,995,000  


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Maura Short is known for her strong work ethic, broad industry know-how, and passion for architecture, in addition to her extensive network, confidentiality, and moral code. Combined with her wide-ranging local expertise, all of these assets result in favorable outcomes for both buyers and sellers under her care.
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