A Look Back to the Summer of 1930


Rooftop deck view from my new listing, 193 Emerald Bay.
June 6, 2021
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New home sales fell by 5.9% nationwide last month. Not only was this trending down from the first quarter of the year, but it was also significantly below expectations. Strong home sales early in the recovery have exhausted inventory and skyrocketing lumber prices have prevented a more robust resurgence in new construction activities. However, rates remain low and demand is only increasing as the economy begins to reopen, so new home prices are growing by more than 20% on an annual basis.
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Did You Know? United Airlines is buying 15 planes from Boom Supersonic with the option to purchase 35 more at some point....these planes would cut travel time between major centers by up to 50%. Our world keeps getting smaller….
Did You Know? Solar power capacity has QUADRUPLED in the US since 2016. Now environmentalists are fighting large solar farms. Coming soon? Mass production of glass walls and windows with built-in solar power generation. Add up all the rooftops in the USA....and all the parking lots that would benefit from covered parking.....with Solar roofs (this is a growing market). And in Wyoming, a brand new NUCLEAR power plant is being constructed. (WSJ)
Health Tip of the Day: I have seasonal allergies so I am notorious for rubbing my eyes. Rubbing can be particularly dangerous to those with pre-existing eye conditions, such as progressive myopia that worsens with rubbing. People with glaucoma can aggravate their condition by rubbing, which can disrupt blood flow to the back of the eye, leading to nerve damage and possibly even permanent vision loss. Much worse, if you saw the bags under my eyes because I rub them so often.........
Did You Know? 25% of all sales were all-cash deals in April, up from 15% from a year ago. This is a good indicator of the stiff competition many buyers face. Many Buyers are no longer competing with those merely seeking a home to live in. (CNN)
Did You Know? Morgan Stanley thinks the markets are UNDER-estimating the post-pandemic recovery..... (CNBC)
Did You Know? The brain is a high-energy organ, using around a quarter of the nutrients we consume. A key first step to overcoming brain fog is to reintroduce routine. Brains love routines and patterns. Exercise is crucial to dealing with brain fog, as it releases a protein called a brain-derived neurotrophic factor. It acts like a “fertilizer,” which makes it easier for brain cells and connections to grow.(CNBC)
The Summer of 1930
One of my clients came across some news articles about Emerald Bay from 1930…. Check this out in the Pasadena Star…..
Sky Swimming
Who’s is game for a swim in London’s Sky pool? Check this out, a pool suspended in the air supported by 2 buildings…..WOW!
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There are currently 8 homes for sale in Emerald Bay
ranging from $4,495,000 to $16,750,000.


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